Custom Large Scale Interior and Exterior Art

Adventurous design, monumental composition, and material nuance: X & Z create bespoke, large-scale visual experiences that put an exclamation point on your home or business. Using our forward thinking pre-visualization process, we allow your aesthetic to inform our vision, resulting in an immersive fine art conversation piece that completes your space. Our finishing touch is photography and videography of the entire process. Interior or exterior, onsite or installation, we work with you to cater to your specific needs. For more information or project estimates, contact


Michael Lennicx is a painter, conceptualizer, designer, recovering maximalist, and subscriber of the “how you do anything is how you do everything” ethos.

His clients include The United Nations Education Committee, Max’s Kansas City Foundation, Kravitz Design, Maverick Records, Marvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, McDonalds, and Lego, with art in collections of Yael Danieli, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Maria Shriver. View his work at

Based in Brooklyn, he can usually be found talking, working, surfing, or talking about surfing while working.


Ozzie Hoppe grew up on art, surfing and hitchhiking all serving as a starting point to traveling throughout the world. He has worked on travel stories ranging from capturing the city of Medellín’s hip hop community to a three month hitchhiking journey documenting the highway economy of India through the eyes of truckdrivers.

He has recently published his work with Airbnb Mag, AMC Networks, Condé Nast, Trip Advisor, Outside, Simon & Schuster, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, AJ+, National Geographic Traveller, Roads & Kingdoms, BBC and Gulf News among others. His work can be seen here: UnderFireWeSwim

Ozzie spends his time shooting photos, surfing, working in design, and painting / drawing on collaged paper.